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What with Abigail and Barney blowing up a storm, we might have to give the garden fences a once-over to check that they are still sound and that they will last the winter. If you have been unlucky and the fence has blown down, your best option for repairs is to use one of the bagged, rapid setting products specifically designed for fixing fence posts in the ground.

Of course, we are now entering the Christmas shopping season (mince pies anyone?) but let’s be honest, DIY does not really have a starring role during the Christmas/New Year break. Would you rather be inside a warm house enjoying a well earned rest, good food and good company, or would you rather be out in the cold, blustery and (usually) wet weather?

That being the case, the festive season is often when we buy the DIY products that we will need for the following year - or perhaps persuade others to buy them as presents. Popular choices might include books (including e-books of course), dvd’s on how to improve your  skills in specific areas (bricklaying?), or even ideas for creating hard landscaping in the garden or that ideal summerhouse/retreat. Given that most of us have a bit more time on our hands than at other times of the year, a spot of ‘DIY Dreaming’ is also possible. What epic project shall I finally tackle next year?

A subscription to a good practical DIY magazine will keep you going over the year or perhaps a place on a short practical course at a local college would be welcome. Just a thought!

Whilst new power tools are always popular, not being able to try them out immediately can be a bit frustrating! It’s a bit like a child with a new toy that needs a battery but the shops are not open.

Have a great holiday and let’s hope that bad weather doesn’t force us out of the warm in order to make running repairs on the fences or the house!

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