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Warm Winter (DIY) Wonderland

At this time of year, I would normally be writing about DIY related tasks that can be undertaken indoors, warm and snug and away from the bitter winter weather.

But not this year.

December has been unusually mild; shorts and T-shirts have been a much more common sight on the streets than woolly hats, scarves and heavy overcoats. The warm weather has however, given us an unexpected period of ‘extra-time’ in which to get on with our DIY projects.

If you haven’t checked the outside of the house looking for areas of brickwork that need a bit of re-pointing, or drains and gutters that need clearing of fallen leaves, now is the time!

Given that even night time temperatures are well above freezing, repairs to driveways, paths or concrete steps can also be carried out, with little fear of frost damage to the newly laid concrete. However, just remember that the concrete still needs to be protected from excessive loss of water (using a plastic sheet), in order to reach its optimum strength.

Of course, the weather will turn eventually and DIY will then be restricted to indoor work. Cleaning and storing tools ready for future projects will always pay dividends and new tools can often be bought at attractive prices in the winter sales.

Active indoor DIY will often be related to decorating, re-hanging that sticky door or filling in holes here and there. Luckily cements and mortars (including specialist repair mortars and concretes) are widely available in small bags or even handy re-sealable tubs for small jobs, minimising both expense and waste.

As you doze gently after a suitably festive big meal, I’m sure other creative and practical DIY ideas will come to you. Have a good break and a happy Christmas; more blogs next year!

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