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Plastic Tubs

Look out for our very latest innovation in product packaging in the form of brand new plastic tubs.

The new plastic, re-sealable, recyclable products are in response to feedback from customers who might use smaller quantities of product and want to avoid wastage through unused product.

The new tubs provide an easy and cost-effective solution for small jobs such as brick, path or floor surface repairs and they have been designed primarily with the DIY, maintenance contractors and jobbing builders market in mind.

They are also ideal for plumbers and electricians who regularly use small amounts of cement, mortar or concrete for patching up areas they are working on. Users have the option of either mixing the product in the tub or using a little and reseal the unused material for their next job.

Importantly, the new tubs also boast strong environmental credentials. The products are all responsibly sourced to BES 6001 to a ‘Very Good’ classification.

The latest additions are multi-purpose to cover the wide and varied range of repair work undertaken and are available in sizes from 2.5kg to 10kg. The range includes the popular Mortar Mix, Multi-Purpose Concrete, Repair Concrete and Extra Rapid Cement.